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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news
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>> dozens of port of oakland workers at the main entrance to protest the new contract. in the meantime that count of fact your air travel as well as our shopping. i will tell you more about that later and they were full report. >> thousands of bay area nurses are off the job today and on the picket line. this is the second strike this month by the california nurses association. >> the windchill wipers and a live shot of s.f. 0 foregoing. >> we are picking up some light rain this morning on storm tracker 4. initially it was up north of the golden gate bridge but we are seeing some stray showers in parts of san francisco. parts of the bay bridge and impacting some of the east bay as well. around the bay area you will need windchill wipers the one-on- one approach in san rafael into ocean beach over to you richmond district. we're detecting a dry break for
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the bay bridge right now. some of the showers and pushed their way east and we're seeing light rain on highway 13 over portions of the caldecott tunnel. satellite and radar shows this cold front pushing its way closer to the bay area. this is a slow-moving system and the bulk of the wet weather will fall into the overnight hours. i will walk to the timing of the storm coming up in my next report. >> we are still monitoring major counter in delays this morning there was a fatality about an hour ago in palo alto. northbound train no. 103 struck and killed a pedestrian. it is of the service in both directions although southbound trains are running again. they're running at reduced speeds through palo alto and the area down to 10 mi. per hour. unless bridges and set up and northbound direction between san antonio and palo alto stations. >> is one of the busiest
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travel weeks of the year and is now under way. airports are packed then there are some delays this morning already the weather is bad. jackie sissel is live over at sfo. if taking a look at what roadway's over there. how are things slowing? >> it is actually all right itouch the manager about the genius when the s&l and she said everything is on time. this is in there was an faa website that said there were major delays but she says everything here it is operating fine. big crowds but both of the runways are open and operating. she expects everything to go smoothly. as slowly as you can only the busiest travel days of the entire season. friday was the busiest day but they expect to see about 1.2 million people between the 16th and the 25th of november. the 26 of november. a lot of people
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coming to rest of all here and they to inspect the sea a 3% increase in travelers over the holiday weekend. a lot of the travelers are traveling as families with small kids. i had an opportunity to talk to one lady with two small kids. that is not just mom and dad's it is also grandparents and had a chance to talk to one of today also. >> they could be challenging especially with the brother who lives a year and half older than she.and not a morning person and up three hours earlier than normal. i'm excited to sit in the back of the bus and the rest of family and the front of the bus. >> i'm hoping been sorely will release move will leading first sang nonstop. i'm hoping that we get there without any complications. >> i guess that's the beauty of being a grandparent. if things and i agree is a case in my lap and if things are not than those that would mom and dad.
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>> is difficult for the parents when the kids are traveling but it really requires patience and forgiveness of the passengers in general. parents have a higher tolerance. if the kid gets the seat just live with it. that's life the know? >> there will be big crowds and lines of families traveling in small kids. expected and no one will be upset. >> i always apologize ahead of time before we even get on the plane. >> from sfo let's head over to oakland international. still union workers striking as of about 930 last night. that strike has moved its way over to the port of oakland itself were a lot of the ships are unloaded and moved on to trucks. kron4 as will tran is standing by and falling all morning long. >> they are still here and the containers are still here. which could mean a
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delay and some of the stores getting their supplies. some of them back here as early as three m four in the morning but they're not going to drive through the picket line not so much because they support the protesters but because they do not want to cause an accident. we talked to a union representative and they're not going to park for the truck drivers to go through and pick up their items. at the very least it could be delayed. the good news is if you are shopper out there and you're worried about supplies this is only a 24 hour protest. there also blocking some of the other actresses as well. will done a couple has to show you. they chose a bigger terminal elevator entrance because they want to make sure that fellow protesters and union workers do not cross the picket line. we talked about what is going on at oakland international and we learn this morning that it started
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at 9:00 p.m. last night. there are workers out there but it is an informational protest meeting the air travel will not be disrupted and you'll be able to come and go without any problems. they're basically trying to send a message to the port of oakland to get back to the bargaining table to work on a contract this is what they've been doing for 16 months with little results. >> what is interesting as everything is back london than we could have stores that advertised black friday sales and deliveries in shipments and dispose of common thursday that wall, so maybe friday. too late for some of those early black friday shoppers. sui will have to wait and see what the fallout from all this is. we'll continue to follow the latest developments. thank you well. >> bay area nurses are on strike today and this is a set a strike this month by california nurses association. so there's a video from a strike earlier this month. registered nurse in at eight hospitals went
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on strike this morning. they're upset about the fact of the sick leave and other issues. other hospitals there is mostly today's and it looks like in the nurses will be locked out. at the hospitals every hired replacement workers and given them contracts to continue their work despite the strike. they say that because of these contracts the striking nurses will not be able to go back to work until sunday. let's check out wall street right now the dow is down by 49 points trading at 12,746. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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we will take a quick break 7 :12 is the time a live look at san francisco because of road in the rain is beginning to fall. we will be right back.
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good morning welcome back at 7:15. we're looking at some light rain around the bay area initially started in the north bay. it is being described as a sprinkler but you will have to use for which a wipers' we're picking up light rain this is really nothing compared to what we expect later today. here is the cold front that has reached
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northern california it will bring heavy rain that is scheduled for the evening hours. a lot of clout and gusty conditions associated with this system. futurecast 4 tracks the timing. you can see by 6:00 p.m. maybe some heavy rains start to approach the santa rosa area. for to put the clock into motion 9:00 p.m. it sticks north of the golden gate bridge. overnight the system will start to sacks out. it could be another message commute waking up to morning. yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain for the san jose area. allow yourself a bit of extra time on the roadways. maybe set your alarm clock earlier. your afternoon highs will be in the '60s. 64 for san francisco. 68 pleasanton. as to take a look at our weather headlines clouds and rain, gusty conditions showers will taper off to tomorrow. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that conditions by
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thanksgiving. >> we are monitoring a good commute on the freeways no major problems of hot spots. a of a from couch and a fatal accident occurring in the early morning hours 6:00 a.m. a pedestrian was struck and killed in the northbound direction. as a result trains are announcing the tracking. no north bound trains are getting through. the north bound tracts are closed. north bound trains are having to use the southbound trackway. that means major delays allow the peninsula. the incident occurred at the palo out the station. taking a look at the bay bridge in the west bound ride we are backed up to west grant avenue 18-22 minute drive. the 880 approach is sloth. we are into been free on the upper deck. we are approaching the time we start to see higher five times with the san mateo bridge. still going ok at 13 minutes. golden gate bridge 101 north bound,
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southbound no problems here the volume building in the southbound direction. a wet deck with drizzle. the east bay ride is good live than usual for interstate 80 and southbound 680 and westbound highway 24. the ride on 580 west is heavy to livermore. the south bay freeway looks good for 7:17 a.m.. there's hardly any slow traffic. >> thank you george. here and live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we continue to talk about traffic. the bay bridge itself hit a milestone. not the one you drive on the new when the suspension one. if they actually transferred all of the weight of the new bridge to the cables that they have been slowly strangling their over the months we have been following the progress. all 32,500 t of the new debt is solely supported by those cables and not that to for
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structured they had parked underneath. that has been the big milestone again it will be sometime next year would weaken expected to drive on it. >> bart is changing its schedule in preparation for the busy holiday weekend. today and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. $3 blue tickets will be available to those stand in line waiting to board the air bart shuttle to the airport. tomorrow and sunday long or trains will be running of the pittsburgh bay point line. on thanksgiving day bart will cut back and run a sunday schedule with service beginning at 8:00 a.m.. the day after on friday bart will want full lengths trains starting at 6:00 a.m.. >> there is concern over the top five that chevron plans to use. causing the big refinery fire. corrosion call the carbon steel pipe to rupture leading to the refinery fire in richmond that sent people to the
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hospital. chevron has as the city of richmond to for a permit to replace with something better. and i percent chromium steel allalloy. >> san francisco city supervisors set to vote today on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places. the proposal by supervisors got weiner would make exceptions are permitted street fears of parade. he initially resisted the man but cam around after he got a number of complaints from constituents about naked man running through their neighborhood. is ththis band is moving forward it sparked renewed pot protest. >> prosecutors would not charge a man arrested last week at oakland international airport and security officers found him morning watch that looks like an explosive device. he explained the watched was
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one of dozens that he has made and given to friends as art pieces. he tried to pass through airport security with the watch you see on your screen. it has wires as the clock as witches. it has batteries. you can understand why airport security took a second look. they call them the bomb squad to double check. the bomb squad determined there was no explosive material on it. he was released saturday after posting $150,000 bill. >> the possibility of the oakland police been put under federal control of corn larger. it is unfair to let malinda rank and file for the departments they to make reform. the city of nearly 10 years to make those changes. >> the question is is anyone above the rank of sergeant the tenet are being held accountable. i am not just talking about the police department. i talked about the entire city of oakland. and thetheir elected officials
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are they being held accountable. i'm not talking about a sergeant lt. are a captain or chief of police and everyone in the city of oakland. who manages the police to parma. >> the police union said they're not advocating the police are to be put under federal control but that could happen. if the plaintiffs did not reach an agreement are forms by december 13th. >> we have to take a quick break. here's a live look from mount tam. the wind is blowing. you see the clouds. the rain is coming down in blowing. you see the clouds. the rain is coming down in spots. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest, and organizations blowing. you see the clouds. the rain is coming down in spots. that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
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what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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we are back there is the man colin kapernick the san francisco 49ers with out alex smith had to alexk aeperncik as the replacement. they won 32 to seven. cap terrific. outdoing fellow quarterback is in campbell. if i'm still a big there's non
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that was the dominant force. it was fantastic to watch. did you get the chance to test dan? >> yes our facebook fans in yours got the game. it has a lot of people really fired up in the bay area with a bit when. especially with the kpepernick stepping up to the challenge. here's what some of your sang on our kron 4 news with the facebook page. >> column played an outstanding game. the entire team was on fire--colin. >> do not fix what is not broken. the team did their thing last night the team is jelling at the right time. the kid has a hell of a farm.arm.
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>> left the colin kaepernick era began. >> we will talk a lot more about this with our expert. >>7:26 we will be back in a couple of minutes traffic 101 looks like a habit commute but not
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shot as we start out your tuesday morning. storm track 4 shows we are picking up light rain in the east bay. coming down the east shore freeway. that is on the eastern end of the richmond san rafael bridge over highway 13 in berkeley. approaching to 42. this depends on where you are located a lot of the what with the position in the east bay. it is a light rain, more like a heavy sprinkle. you wouldn't uswill no use your when the show wipers. >> again this is a slow- moving system a lot of cloud cover and gusty winds associated with it. coming in my next report i will look at futurecast on to trafficked george. >> thank you erica. good conditions at the san mateo bridge things have not
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gotten back for the west bound ride dry times 30 minutes. an upupdate on our caltran instead a pedestrian was struck and killed before 6:00 a.m.. caltran said they believed it was an intentional act on the part of the pedestrian. there is not yet been an official finding from the corridor. >> from the corner that is. they're running trains in both directions but because there is in attracting for palo alto or the incident occurred it is adding major delays in both the north and the southbound direction. >> thank you george. there also big delays on stuff that is being shipped because of workers at the port of oakland and also at the oakland airport they have been striking the union striking started at 930 p a continued at the port this morning kron force will tran joins us with the very latest.
7:32 am
>> of 7 is a dance ste this is one of seven incidents. protesters are but circles what that is doing is prevented the truck drivers from going through because they did not want to injure anyone. i talked to a union representative and i said which guys allow these independent contractors to get through to pick up the supplies of the can take it to the store in time for the holidays with black friday. he says we're not telling them to stand in the way we are not telling them to move out of the way either. you read between the lines they are not going anywhere. what is that doing? there are truckdrivers dozens if not hundreds of trucks parked here waiting to get through but they simply cannot because there are in the middle of the road. they do not know what to do. some of them told me that they will probably go home and call it a day. some will probably wait it out to see if the
7:33 am
protesters will take a break for them to go inside. >> we did get a chance to talk to a truck driver if you are a concern shopper here is what he had to say about supplies hitting the stores. >> you can haul in a number of things when we pick up from here we didn'do not know we have. >> if you have the specter late which is said that some stores would not get flat screens in time for the holidays? believe that is entirely possible. you could call any things divvies see these food products from overseas. you have any number of things to deliver. what the people are doing today it directly affects not only them but thousands of people in the united states. >> speaking of the united states that are as air travel out oakland international there is an informational picket going on according to a union representative. they're not disrupting the travelers.
7:34 am
they did not disrupt the last night and did not plan to do it. the duration of the 24 hour strike. what they are fighting for basically is a new contract. >> you have to keep an eye on this big shopping day big feast for thanksgiving. a lot going on that could be affected by this. >> let us go to the south they were a local pastor has resigned from his parish weeks after he not only employed at then defended the use of a convicted saw a molester at a parish festival. that infuriated parents and scandalize the diocese of san jose. >> and 19 year-old former student recognize this person he was working the sound system at a paris festival parents complained that set off a heated exchange between the parents and the rev. and now the fallout is the reverend has stepped down. the 14 year- old teenager accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65 year-old
7:35 am
woman vallejo made his first court appearance today. photos show him in court prosecutors say they will try kavier king because of the nature of the crime. bail has been set at four in a half-million dollars. he faces 10 counts of murder and torture kidnap and rape. six of the council could lead to a life prison sentences is content to play next week. >> president obama is in cam body of the last stop in his three nation tour of asia. is there for the east asian summit. we heard from one of the president's aides president obama had an intense meeting with prime minister of cambodia. the president also met with china's premier today. is a the first meeting between the two countries. >> if congress fails to cut a deal on the fiscal cliff this year the scramble to do
7:36 am
so in january could collide with a high-stakes negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. off the country's debt was $154 billion bid will below the 16 trillion dollar debt ceiling. they say they can stay off the risk of default until early 2013 using extraordinary measures such as temporary suspending investment in federal worker pensions. >> also knew president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton the middle east and hopes she can somehow broker some type of cease-fire between israel and palestinians and about a strip. she will be departing from cambodia today. use their with the president she will be heading to the middle east or she will begin first by meeting with israel's prime minister in jerusalem then she will meet with palestinians in she will head to cairo and meet
7:37 am
with leaders of egypt. >> the time now is 7:36. let's take a live look at the james lick in san francisco will be right back.
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welcome at the time is 7 :36. san jose is the fittest city in america. one of the reasons 84% of the reason in san jose exercised and one of the ways people are getting moving is the new exercise dance. >> what is going on behind me is not a flash mop it is a thing call you jam fitness developed here in san jose by suzy. susie this is your baby. >> it is about 1,000 cals are burned in every class. upper body lower body. a lot of unity and love and support for one another. >> it gets the full second of the doctors this afternoon at 3:00 right here on kron 4.
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>> a new study finds that kids who regularly attend day care or more likely to be overweight and those who stay at home with modern that. if our kids between the ages of 1 and 4 of kamel state with an extended family member or in day care, were more likely to become obese by the age of 10. researchers have not yet figured out the reason behind the weight difference. they have said that diet and exercise need to be closely watched if you have a child in day care. >> it is seven:40. we will be back with more as a live look outside things starting slowly at the san mateo bridge is a bad commute. george has more on that had taken any other hot spots
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good morning thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news star tracker for showing light rain for our east bay spots. you'll need your win sure wipers highway 24 approach of the tunnel picking up light rain toward will pass. it looks like we're starting to try things out for the north bay a little bit of light rain south of novato and highway 37. as we take a look sprinkles ahead of this cold front that is approaching northern california. again this is a relaxed we can compare to was of an organ.
7:45 am
>> yet it win advisory in effect with a greater like tall area. taken over to futurecast 4:06 p.m. later tonight mainly showers north of the golden gate bridge. a yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. it will push its way south into the overnight hours. we have already seen up to one-third of an inch of rain for santa rosa. that will increase overnight to more morning. out of the system we expect its origin have by the north bay hills. about one-half inch of the rest of san francisco bay. i am looking at potentially messy morning commute waking up a.m. tomorrow morning. yellow indicates hevery right for the san jose and mountain view area. for your afternoon highs in san francisco co 64. 67 cochrane a word. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows drier conditions in to thanksgiving. we will continue with dry weather as
7:46 am
we pushed in closer to t friday. we will continue with the dry pattern has restored the next work week. >> george. >> we are looking at a different pattern a pattern of slow traffic of the san mateo bridge for just seconds ago we saw stopped traffic at the toll plaza. that is the case now. we look at the accordion slowdown. a stop and go situation starts at the base of the high-rise and gradually worked its way back to the toll plaza. the dry times or 50-18 minute. that means from time to time--15 and-18 minutes. southbound that would side there is an overturn it is not in the lines it is on the right-hand shoulder. the emergency vehicles are blocking the right hand lane. that is why there is the short stretch of slow traffic on 280 southbound. i
7:47 am
do not think it is a bed of delay to detour. you will need to give yourself a few extra minutes. looking at the right of the bay bridge in the west bound commute you will find a back of about 18-20 minutes. no surprises a fairly easy ride and when the advisory was issued in the early morning hours. the golden gate bridge is still wet, but no delays for southbound traffic and is the trip across the span. >> i told him not to worry about the cameras are the stars does play your game. >> colin is the man. i think he did a great job i am very proud of him. i take my hat off to him he did some great things to help was when the game. >> colin did an outstanding job. he did a great job
7:48 am
growing with accuracy he did a nice job running the game plan everything he did was exemplary. i wanted to come out and show love show that i could be a starter. and that is what i have tried to prove since i have been in the league. >> yes. so what now? that is the big question after that spectacular performance with kaepernick in the win against the bears. >> good morning. how are you? >> i want you to settle this to you realize i have got from every end of the spectrum telling me he should stay. alex smith should not go back in. here is what are aharbaugh should do. >> ashley you should be worth i cannot hear you.
7:49 am
actually you should be worried. i cannot hear you. >> maybe i need to change the mike. i cannot even hear you hold on second. >> better than rg 3. why don't you say alex y. recover half kaeperncik play for a little longer. >> this guy was so good last night i do believe there is a old sang in sports that you are not supposed to lose your job because of injury. you know how this will be decided i think in the locker room the players know who is better. nobody is
7:50 am
point to come right out. they came close to saying that kaepernick is better. i think you have to be fair about this and say the last year and a half in particular smith has been good. they have won the majority of their gains. but just on physical gifts what he can do this guy is better than alex. >> you talk about the player sound bites vernon davis said i felt like someone took the handcuffs off. >> that is the thing about vern and davis he is sometimes too honest. >> is it like an understudy. n a play where the person and they are sick in their under study comes in and you put the guy back is he supposed to go back? >> what about brady can blesoe what about montana and young. we saw how that went down. how does it work
7:51 am
we see these guys knocked each other off all the time. >> no one wants to come out and say this i think the best thing if you are alex smith and i am not going to speak for him, but i am being realistic. for kapernick to start in oil as an had a bad game he loses at alex get back in. >> how does harbaugh handle this? does he take a chance. >> i think you have to start him again. i will say it again you know, the team knows they see the guys every day. this may not be an indictment of smith it may be that this guy he is more talented than smith. he throws the ball better. he runs better. it is just one of those things where you could watch him in the game last night he is physically
7:52 am
and i keeping physically, just from what we see item of you have to watch him play for tin cans to know how because the game mentally how he deals with the situation. just physically he is better than smith. >> you look at the way, brady endorsed. and it was like gangbusters. even though he entered for bledsoe before they were ready. bledsoe was kind of going down. if you look at young he was on his way down best-montana was on his way down. >> here is the thing the coach knows and the players know and no one is quick to come out again and tell you very much. if in the coach's mind harbaugh are thinking it is time i am waiting for
7:53 am
an opening. once there is an open he goes in. the same with bledsoe and brady. i am sure the coach says once there is an opening i am putting green. if he plays like i think he can that is it i would not be surprised if this not the same deal. >> you know what ever is it has to be quick. >> when things are prolonging that is bad blood. that does not work out. >> tebow has not really play this year. when you bring in another guy it's like smith knows now likekaeprnick is right behind him. that is messy. >> competition is good but not with his iwhen is it a leado position. maybe if you are a linemen. i think to start to
7:54 am
feel comfortable you have to know that it is your job. all i know i wawill have a great sport stock today. >> like you said does harbaugh gold you take a look time out or you're out. >> you and i will be the first ones to say this because people here the only way i think it will work out for smith kaepernick start sunday in new orleans loses the game and they will say let's put alex back in. >> we will see you very. what is a nice big question mark what he is making.
7:55 am
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we are back coming up on the kron 4 news of the bay area nurses walking off the job today we will tell you why. a new span of of the bay bridge standing on is on held by those cables. the latest of the project. one south bay city has been named the fittest in america we will tell you which one in a bit. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news and a.m. start now. good morning top stories we're following this tuesday between workers at the port of oakland on strike this morning at a live report coming up. >> a local father will be the court accused of kidnapping his own children will have the tell said. s f o buzzing this morning thanksgiving travelers hacking the airport. we'll
8:01 am
have a live report as well. >> following the weather and traffic tie erica. >> good morning darya went expect showers over highway 101 approaching san raphael. also picking up some rain coming down the east shore freeway it is currently running in walnut creek. this is all events of a cold front bay area. as of right now dislocating eureka. forcing heavy rain from in a single county. many casino county. temperatures will be in the '60s is afternoon it looks like we have potential for north bay showers. later tonight the rain intensified as the front pushes through the bay area. >> we are tracking a hot spot on the peninsula at
8:02 am
interstate 280 of the southbound direction an earlier a current accident completely cleared not only from the light from the roadway. it was at woodside road. attracnow that all nine declared this back up will likely began to dissipate quickly. if you are heading out the next few minutes you will not see any of it at all. for the next little while there will delays on 280 southbound. >> a lot of people offline today. one of the businesbusiest travel days of the week. kron force will tran is lighted as f o. -status jackie sissel is live at s f o. mostly arrivals could also have an effect on
8:03 am
departures if you are traveling today you should call your carrier to see if it will affect to a dog. let us face it there will be big crowds friday was action the biggest travel day here as s f o. expect to see a 3 percent increase over the holiday travel season. about 1.2 million people will travel over the 10 days of the holiday season which is huge numbers. so far we've seen long lines nothing too extravagant. nothing to out of control obviously there are a lot of people travelling. it did a lot of families traveling that is what i've seen so far. a lot of families small kids, strollers, car seats. i talked to this one about some of the issues she have traveling with small children. i did not think they are ever prepared for this. traveling with two
8:04 am
children under 2. what do you expect? >> i'm hoping to other travelers are patient and we do not have a lot of delays. >> it is always very challenging to travel this time of year. is especially travelchallenging with a three- year old and a one and one- half year old. it will be with juries for me my husband is traveling along. >> the sun is coming out here as she sayou said is the beginning of the report they are slow at as at all. iif you will be traveling today it will be busy bring your patience and expect delays for your carrier before you come here let us head to the east bay where we have the latest with a strike that started at oakland international airport last night aroun 9d 9 that 30
8:05 am
a.m.. you can see for what ever reason i walked over i talked to a security guard i asked them why are you not open he said in a perfect world he would be but they are getting orders from the port of oakland not to open. >> the one speculation is maybe they're worried that the people that are staying here gore into the port of oakland with their protests. >> nonetheless, you can see them circling in front of here. this is one of many locations throughout the port of oakland. the fact that they are in front of here they are not allowing with their bodies the truck driver to go through. the truck drivers do not want to enter them in the libel which is why they have been parked sense. three or 4:00
8:06 am
a.m.. they are independent contractors that they cannot get through that cannot pick up or drop off supplies. according to one truckdriver that the impact black friday because they may not be able to bring some of the items to the stores. he says they do not know what is in them they just pick up the items in take them to wal- mart. it is up to wal-mart to decide what to do with them or what is in it. let us show you look at the trucks that are probably hundreds of trucks parked in front of this one particular interests. as far as i could see they are waiting this out. they are hoping the protesters will understand their situation. if they did not do this they will not get paid. according to the union will not get in the way they have their own demands because they're fighting for a new contract with the port of oakland. they have been doing this for 16 months. they claim they will not disrupt air travel apple
8:07 am
oakland international. they have not done that since last night. i guess we will only know the impact on black friday how much this will impact the ripple effect on the day to come. >> very good will. >> is8:06. we will be back let us check the roads george has the very latest on [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
>> attacking the markets this morning the dollar still negative. it has been all morning long since trading began. we have the s&p off about 2.3 and the nasdaq is down about almost 6 1/2 points. the this morning hewlett- packard has reported huge fourth quarter loss now. it is all tied to the recent acquisition of autonomy. they bought it for about $10 billion last year. they say the company lied basically. it has resulted in a massive breakdown in the value of that business. h-p is not calling a fraud but they said there were serious accounting improprieties and out right mistress misrepresentation. by most
8:11 am
definitions is fraught but h-p is not going that far just yet. it is taking $8.8 billion charge in its latest quarter in order to compensate for that acquisition. >> of the u.s. international trade commission will review a judge's decision that apple did not violate patents owned by samsung in making the iphone itouch and ipad. the final decision is expected in january. apple has been found to have been signs on its devices because the band in the united states. >> if you're looking for a worthy cause to donate money to maybe you should consider donating to the national debt. individual americans have pitched in nearly $8 million of their own money this year to help reduce the nation's more than $16
8:12 am
million dollar -- 16 trillion dollar credit card bill. you can also contribute on your income tax return. >> facebook could be a little slower and there is a reason for that. facebook is in the process of using its north american users from moving is inaccurate in that connection it is not as fast but more secure. if you are using in http pass connection instead of the less secure http. facebook said it will slow things down slightly and if you don't like it you can opt out. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge as we check on the weather around san francisco. cloudy out there. wet as well, 58 degrees in san francisco. you will need your umbrella as you can see it is what out there. we will be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> we're taking a look at the weather here. it is pounding the pacific northwest, this is portland oregon. the streets are wet and they also have some flooding there. the storms of the 200,000 people without power this morning. at least one person has died. they had 2 in. of rain in six hours yesterday in one seattle neighborhood. a
8:16 am
downpour like that is over but the wet weather will continue there. we will be getting our share as well in the bay area. take a look outside >> we have our roof cam on the left in the cemetery ridge on the right. we have a wet weather on the way. >> we have some showers earlier this morning and especially of the north bay. santa rosa is already collecting some totals. we're getting light rain over in san rafael and we are getting light rain over sir francis drake boulevard. to the east bay there is light rain for portions of a highway for just west of walnut creek. other than that in the south bay we are expecting a los sell in the san jose area. i can be prepared and keep an umbrella and the throughout the day. later on this
8:17 am
afternoon into the evening and overnight that we will experience the bulk of this wet weather. satellite and radar shows where the system currently is over eureka. look at the well-defined bands of rain. moderate rain on tap. we do have clouds associated with this system as was win up in the afternoon. future cast four projects showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. overnight we'll start to see this showers past the golden gate. pelvic of intensity approach in downtown san francisco and waking up tomorrow morning they could be another messy one on the freeway. allow yourself extra time. the numbers are in the '50s. 51 and pleasanton 56 in richmond and as we head into the afternoon pretty much everyone is in the '60s. we will see low 60s along the coast mid-60s around heart of the bay and upper 60s for antioch pleasanton and those
8:18 am
of you and livermore. 7 day around the bay shows dryer conditions by thanksgiving and it looks like an overall mild forecast for the bay area as we transition into the weekend. 8:17 a.m. that is sure whether on to traffic now. good morning george >> good morning we still have a fairly i guess so so commute. one hot spot to talk about but first let's talk about the couch rain delay. is pretty substantial. there was a pedestrian fatality in palo alto northbound train no. 103 struck and killed a person on the trackway. as a result they are still single tracking through palo alto. the corner is on the scene and may release the northbound track but now northbound and southbound trains are sharing the southbound trackway through palo alto. that means major delays may be two and half hours for some trains and some passengers. 70 to 80
8:19 am
minutes away is still fairly common both northbound and southbound. are hot spot is on the peninsula where an earlier occurring accident on 280 southbound has left the traffic still slow coming down from just north of edgewood road and southland. the 28092 and a change. expect delays to persist for a while longer although all lands are now finally and completely cleared. bridge check for you bay bridge first the backup is still right to the edge of the macarthur maze. it has slowed the metering lights and the last half hour. we're looking at longer drive times 22 minutes on average. your ride to the salmon's sale bridge which was very heavy an hour ago is now down to 30 minutes drive times. the ride to the golden gate bridge while heavy is not delayed in the southbound direction. >> bart is changing its schedule in preparation for the holiday weekend. we put
8:20 am
together some information and hopefully this makes sense. today and tomorrow from now until 6:00 p.m. and $3 blue tickets will be available for those waiting to board the bart shovel to the airport. on thanksgiving day part will be running on a sunday schedule with service beginning at 8:00 and friday are will run full length trains starting at 6:00 a.m.. any questions about our schedule for the holiday weekend go to their web site at bart >> the 32,500 t that was supported by a temporary structure but now it is being held by a huge cables the you can see running from the new tower. >> sampras as the city's supervisors are voting today on an ordinance that will ban nudity in most public
8:21 am
places. the proposal by supervisors got wiener would have exceptions and there forestry fares and parades' in young children as well. he initially resisted a van like this but felt compelled to put one forward after constituents and the district complained about naked people in their neighborhoods walking around. the band will cover process and lawsuits. they will not charge a man at that oakland international airport those wearing a watch that looked awful like an explosive device. he explained that the watch was one of the dozens that he had made and given to friends as art pieces. this is what ps a screeners were looking at on his wrist. that will raise some eyebrows right? switches batteries wires all the things you would associate with an explosive device. they called in and bomb squad and they determine there is nothing
8:22 am
there that was explosive. he waevidence possessing bomb making materials. >> there is concern are the pie that chevron is replacing that broke last august. preliminary findings suggest that corrosion caused the carbon fiber to corral the cause the fire. chevron is looking to replace the pipe with something better. a 9 percent chromium steel alloy of the chemical safety board is not so sure that that is better. >> of $20,000 reward now being offered for the information leading to the rest of the suspect that when on a violent crime spree in the south bay. this person could be responsible for shooting and killing a 22 year-old man he attempted to carjack friday night. an
8:23 am
hispanic male 2025 years old on hundred 80 lbs. wearing a hooded white sweat shirt. a second suspect 260 jonathan austin will banks was arrested on friday. he is in custom custody after riding a string of convenience stores that ended with a gun battle with police. while the august officers were shot but escaped serious injury. the officer was saved by a metal baseball on his belt, the bullet ricocheted off of that. >> the oakland police department may be put on federal control. an attorney representing the police say it is only on a very unfair to only blamed the officers. they have had 10 years to make the changes. they could be put under federal control if they do not reach an agreement by december 13th. >> we will take a break it
8:24 am
is a 20 3:00 a.m. and there's a live look from the james lick freeway. gray skies overhead and more wine on the way. we will be right back. y+nk
8:25 am
8:26 am
among san jose as they fit this city in america. one of the reasons it is 84 percent of women in san jose say the exercise. one of the ways people are moving is this a
8:27 am
news great and a craze called you jam. >> susie this is your baby. >> yes >> you learn about a thousand calories? >> i yes about a thousand calories for every class. >> i have my dancing shoes on, let's go! >> you can watch as toll special features on the doctors starting at 3:00 p.m. on kron4. >> kids who regularly attend the day care are more likely to be overweight than those who stay home with mom and dad. the study found that the kids the age between the ages of one of for the state with a family member or day care were more likely to be obese by the age of 10. researchers do not know yet why the findings are the way they are but they have said that by the exercise need to be closely watched if you have a child in day care.
8:28 am
>> it is because they can't cut. if they stay with someone else, the east. >> president obama on the last leg of his trip through south east asia. we will tell you what he is up to. we are also live outside here with the approach to the bay bridge. we'll be back with more weather and traffic updates in just a minute. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
8:29 am
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and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. >> here is a live look from our roof cameras over downtown san francisco. some polls out there, we have some rain early on. it may not be raining in your area but it will be for the day is done. >> fortunately a lot of the rain is going to fall overnight. we are seeing some light rain just over the golden gate but in san rafael you will need
8:31 am
windchill wipers there. light rain and keep an umbrella at handy. here is the system we are tracking with sprinkles just ahead of what is to come. this is a relatively slow-moving system. a lot of clouds and gusty winds associated with it. as we take a look at your numbers it is not too bad of a start. 56 and the city same for san jose. the '60s and oakland. i will look at your afternoon highs and walkie to the timing of the storm and my next report. >> cal train it continues to experience major delays. northbound and southbound continue to single track through palo alto. there is a pedestrian fatality single tracking. the bay bridge and the westbound ride with traffic heading into the toll plaza is so backed up
8:32 am
even coming from the nimitz freeway. the drive time is running about 19 minutes because the stall is just clearing from west of the metering lights. the total drive time out of oakland now in downtown san francisco should run you about 30 to 35 minutes. including the back of the bay bridge. >> workers at the port of oakland are on strike this morning. will tran is live there to talk about how this could affect people who are watching and will be shopping this week. >> look behind me here is all you need to know. the trucks are parked at here for as far as we are up we could possibly see. this is one of many entrances. the longer they are parterre they're not picking up supplies or dropping them off. this means come black friday come thanksgiving meal they may not be able to pick up their shipment of 30's or flat screens or whatever. even then and they do not know what is in their
8:33 am
shipments that they pick up. they know that they drive to pasco wal-mart and some of the other places that are expected to open i'veup. you can see there are protesters right in front. this is just one of many places and they have many instances covered. we have seen much more than this because there are so many instances they have spread out. there's another man and there dropping off possibly food coffee or more workers to block the entrance says. the truck drivers refuse all morning to even nudge their way past because they do not want to enter any of the protesters and and of being liable for what is going on. many of the truck drivers understand what is going on here as far as their fight for a new contract but they saved is impacting them as well as millions of other people.
8:34 am
>> you can haul any number of things. when you pick up here you do not know what you have but we just know we're going. >> does that mean some of the stores will get of black screen in time for black friday, they might run out? >> that is possible. you could call anything. these cds, sound systems any number of things in these containers. what these people are doing today it directly affects not only them but thousands of people in the united states. >> you can see the gate is closed and in a perfect world according to a security guard they open up at 6:00 to allow truck drivers to come through to pick up their items. he says he does not know why but he was told not to open the gates. this means that the truck drivers are either just opened hoping to wait this out that the decision will change. many of them and i some many of them are leaving now because they got
8:35 am
tired of waiting. as a couple of truck drivers and said i'd rather just be home and watch the news to see if it's clearer not so they can come back. the good news is this is only 24 hours and there's also a protest going on in oakland international. thing union workers promise they are not getting away of the travelers. there has been no disruption and d travel as far as getting out of that airport. passenger pasr has resigned from his parish after defending the employee of a convicted child molester at a festival. it infuriated parents and scandalize the diocese of san jose. the pastor at st. frances cabrini and pears and 18 year-old recognizes person on the screen. he was
8:36 am
working the sound system at the festival. the 19 year- old told some of the parents who had at a heated exchange with the reverend. he has now stepped down. the 14 year-old accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65 year-old woman in vallejo made his court appearance yesterday. their images from the courtroom you can see him his name as caviar king and he has been charged as an adult because of the nature of his crimes. hail is set at four and a half million dollars. he faces 10 counts of kidnapping torture and rape. six counts, with a life sentence. he is expected to enter his plea next week. >> president bob obama is in cambodia today with his last out and eat asia. he had a tense meeting with cambodia's prime minister about human rights in the country. this is the first
8:37 am
meeting between the two countries since the power shift in china and the presidential election in the u.s.. if congress fails to cut a deal on the fiscal cliff they will scramble to do in january and collide with another high-stakes negotiations. raising the debt ceiling. last week the that was $150 billion below the 16.3 trillion debt ceiling. they expected the legal borrowing limit by the end of this year. they can stave off the risk of default some time and early 2013 through the use of extraordinary measures. temporarily suspending investment and federal workers' pension. at the time is up 837 and we will be moved back with more in just a couple of minutes.
8:38 am
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>> this is the season for stress that if you're so stressed out you want to quit christmas you are about one of the half of americans who are in favor of skipping christmas. there is a poll that said 45 percent of the people that they ask said the holiday season brings some much financial pressure and other stresses that they prefer skip it altogether. half of those polls say the stress related holidays are high or extremely high. 85 percent
8:41 am
said they planned to spin the same amount of money on gas or less than they did last year. half of the people they talk to between 75 and a hundred thousand dollars a year saying they're gonna put things on my way. >> we're curious to see our viewers on facebook thought of this. angelo road and say sked christmas? spirit of christmas is the least stressful thing to celebrate. the real meaning of christmas is a holy day. how about enjoying the holidays without selling get ougift-giving. it isn't a family holiday any longer. it is a time for spending money we do not have. we have just gone too far from what it was to what
8:42 am
it is and what it should not do. we should not skip it we should read invented. i join the conversation on facebook .com/kron4. we will take a break >> we will take a break. and judges quickly before it goes away. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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8:45 am
>> we want to take a double wide peak outside the bay bridge traffic is bad. the golden gate the traffic look pretty good. the same great deal in both of the shots as we look for some more rain. >> a lot of clouds associated with this system. we're taking another live loved this one from our mt. tam cam. the gusty conditions on tap in satellite and radar hold the
8:46 am
key to the wider range. there's a cold front pushing through northern california, not as intense and oregon but we will see our fair share here of our brain. wind gusts up to 30 mi. an hour. --rain looks like the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge. the law in this green indicates moderate to heavy rain that will continue to push his way south to the bay area. we will have a messy commute on tap for the south freeways waking up tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. heavy rain for the south bay right around the airport. temperatures right now everyone is in the '50s. 59 in flail 57 in san francisco and into the afternoon low 60s coast side and missed mid 60s for the heart of the bay. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather over and done with
8:47 am
in the showers will taper off by wednesday afternoon. there is a thanksgiving looks to be a dry one and no problems with wet weather with everyone waiting in line on friday. saturday and sunday mostly spent sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 60s. we will continue with that as we start the next workweek. a 36 on the clock and george has a look at traffic. >> caltrans l.a.'s first there was a fatal accident that occurred nearly three hours ago northbound on palo alto. we're still looking into ways of an hour-and-a- half to two hours in some cases. they're still single tracking through palo alto and affects both north and southbound directions. even though the incident occurred on the northbound side. looking at the traffic map the nimitz freeway has a couple of problems. an accident or stall and another problem northbound at 16 has actually selling the traffic in both
8:48 am
directions on the nimitz freeway. so there is another problem with the drive and 280 northbound. it is backed a volley from the 19th avenue split here is as you head north along the southern freeway. it is a really slow drive this morning. a quick check from the villages the bravest is still heavily backed up in the last 45 minutes. we're looking at bigger backups a long drive times. it the 80 approaches now over 20 minutes just to get to the backup across the upper decks. longer drive times out of the east bay headed towards the city. the san mateo bridge would make a good alternate, a light and easy ride with 11 minutes. the golden gate reds expects to see the volume of bed but is still not too slow in the southbound direction. 8:48 a.m. a massive discovery out of this world. nassau, we'll
8:49 am
talk about that in the second. quickly the dow was down but we're actually winning back some of our earlier losses. will be talking more market news with rob black coming up at 915. they think they've discovered another world, a super sized world outside our solar system. they're calling it basically a super do better. it orbits the star a hundred and 70 light years away. it is 13 times the size of jupiter. i would call that a super jupiter. nasa says there is a possibility that this finding could be a brown door which is basically a failed star which is big enough to ignite itself into a star and then didn't and then can the collapsed into itself. they're looking into apps. >> a statewide survey shows of their more drug drivers and drunken drivers on california roads over the
8:50 am
weekend. the office of traffic safety said the 14 percent of the drivers survey tested positive for driving under the influence of the legal or prescription drugs. a little under 7 percent alcohol in their system. marijuana was the most prevalent drug with 7.4 percent of drivers have been caught in their system. >> when >> was supposed to feature to the top defenses and leave it was like thieves chicago bears did not show up. there rolled over without a problem even without starting quarterback alex smith. backup quarterback collin kaepernick had a terrific night last night. he threw 243 yds and two touchdowns. the forty-niners winning easily. the big question is no who should be the starting quarterback? a lot of people are saying maybe he should start this coming sunday against the saints. what will our but do? we
8:51 am
will find out. the galaxy's a david beckham will be leaving the team after the ls cup on december 1st. he's in the team in 2007 and helped the galaxy get to a league title last year. he moved his move to the u.s. made soccer more high profile in the country. this comes just 10 months after beckham signed a new two-year contract with the galaxy. he is leading ahead of schedule. >> all the pollution permits available for the 2013 results. 23.1 million permits which allow for one count of carbon sold for about $10 each at last the week's auction. the centerpiece of the 2006 global warming regulation aimed at dramatically reducing emissions and
8:52 am
trapping gases. there is a vote against giving free muni passes to young people. only funds for the first five months of the 22 month program. this the rest of the funding would have to come from the fiscal budgets of 2013 and 2014. the plan will now be heard. >> for a southern california men have been charged with plotting to kill americans overseas by joining alkyne and caliban in afghanistan. if they were arrested in the fbi says that one of the men included some one that served in the u.s. air force. all the favorites at hostess makes could stay on store shelves. hostas in the second largest union will now go into federal mediation meaning that the
8:53 am
snack foods will not be going out of business at least just yet. the company is already in bankruptcy and incorporate yesterday to liquidate its assets. the city of to go to mediation first before you can begin liquidation procedures. thus the state in the execution. >> s day and the execution of the twinkie. that makes it sound like everything is on the line. 852 >> 8:52 a.m. as the time and we're looking for a high of 65 and a little bit of sunshine here.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
among the most fascinating people of this year are out not according to barbara walters. she makes the list every year and it includes
8:57 am
everyone from politicians to actors and olympians. been affleck is on the list as well as gov. chris christie and gaby douglas the olympic gold medalist. the british group one direction is also on the list. >> coming up at 9:00 president obama on the last leg of his torture south east asia. we will have the details on his travel. whether headed our way we will have more on your forecast. we will be back.
8:58 am
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>>our big story for today. a local father will be in court due to him kidnapping his children >>fas 0 is a buzzing this morning due to the holiday periods >>bay area nurses are off the job due to a strike. >>a quick look at whether. >>we will star was storm tracker 4 on this tuesday morning. we have showers that are off to the east bay. you may see a little bit of light rain. most of it is pretty light in nature. the bulk of the front comes through letter on this afternoon and into this evening. this is
9:01 am
impacting your recover right now. we're starting to get a little bit of drizzle and i will let you know when it will all right. i will let you know how thanksgiving forecast will be. >>we continue to monitor some hot spots. caltran has a few delays. trains are now traveling northbound on the northbound truck with. they were seen go attracting about 645 this morning. there was a pedestrian fatality at the palo alto station. if this person was struck by a northbound train. there are major delays and they are working to recover this. >>there are problems in both the north and southbound direction. this is back into san leandro northbound. this
9:02 am
is an incident that is at the embarcadero. they continue to have delays on an estate to 80 in the northbound direction. 101 getting in and out of the bay area. the bay bridge west about is still barely backed times here are improving and it is down to 15 minutes. >>and from cars to airplanes. this is the busiest travel weekend. the airport will be packed again but this a shot looks very good. >>you can see that the sun is out but this does not mean that there is no whether the issues here at fso. they do expect delays and it will eventually have
9:03 am
an effect on some departures. if you are traveling today you should call ahead first. when you arrive here papillote pugh you will see that it will be busy. they expect to see one point billion people here from the 16th through the 26 of november. you will see crowds and it is at 3% increase in leisure. when you get here you will see a lot of family especially people with small children. there are a lot of strollers being pushed around here. be aware of this and especially when you go through security. >>it will be challenging with the grandchildren. i came about three hours earlier and i will try to
9:04 am
sit in the back and the rest of fan was in the front. i hope those moves as we are living first in the morning. i'm hoping that we get here with no complications. >>this is the beauty of being a grandparent. you can just give him back to their mom and dad is not. expect the latest get on the computer and check to see if your flight is affected. >>meantime there is a strike at the oakland international airport. it is not affecting air travel it is a union workers that are striking. >>here's what you need to know not only are protesting here they are pro testing at oakland international. the union stated that they're not getting the where
9:05 am
travelers and that this is only informational. they stated that if you have to go here you should not have problems and this has been going on since 9:30 p.m. last night. they stated that there is no guarantee that it will not affect black friday. you concede that this is one of many interests is that the workers are from a. tthe fact that there in front of this place is discouraging and a tram drivers do not want to come through. these trucks have been this line since about 3 to 4:00 a.m. this morning. they stated that if they do not go through here that will not get paid. we talked to one truckdriver and he stated that he does not know what he has to pick up but he stated that they have to take it to the stores. >>they stated that it could be flat screen televisions or computers. if the stores
9:06 am
do not have these items then the stores may run out when black friday come. this may also impact thanksgiving and this is one supposed to be for 24 hours. if you need these items for thanksgiving and then we would just have to wait and see what happens. the reason why they're here is because they are fighting for a new contract for the past 16 months. >>thousands of bay area nurses have walked off the job. if this is a second strike this morningthe month. ty are in a eight hospitals and to san jose hospitals. they just started their strike this morning and they're upset about staffing issues and sickly. it this is set to be for two days and it looks like the nurses may be
9:07 am
locked out because the hospitals already hired replacements and the striking nurses would not be allowed to come to work until sunday. >>redwood city fire is helping with a water main break. this call came in about 3:00 a.m. and the evacuation's are over. the 8 in. pipe has been capped but the intersection is still closed. >>president obama is sending hillary clinton to the middle east so that she can help in their--a deputy adviser stated that hillary clinton will be there and she will begin her diplomacy by meeting with the prime minister and she will meet with palestinian officials. >>a man accused of
9:08 am
kidnapping his own two children from a home in september is in court today for a preliminary hearing. 43 year-old christopher was arrested after a four day pursue. he took the kids and jumped and they got that he stole. if the got ran out of gas and the kids ages two and three were on board and there recovered say for the. >>we are following wall street and the dow has been looking positive for the past hour. it is up six points. we will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>apple did not violate patton with samsung by making the iphone and ipad. if they will have a final decision in january 2013 is apple did infringe on samsung then that apple devices will be banned from the united states. they have been in this patent battle in over 10 countries. >>if you are looking for a worthy cause to donate money then you should consider the national debt. individuals have to spend
9:12 am
money of their own t reduce the 16 trillion dollar credit card debt bill. citizens can contribute online at page and got the glove or include a separate check with your federal income-tax return. >>the time now is 9:11 a.m. and we will be right back. >>it is stormy outside.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>let's talk winners and losers on wall street. we have rob black joining us. >>let's start with some bad news. the losers h-p they are rolling around in their gray. nothing has gone right for them they bought a few companies that were flops. some people think that is not a cover-up may be is just they're tried to write it off. they paid way over for these items. he agreed to buy this company and this is just the company'a company--s
9:16 am
not look like he misses a lot but there is a lot of businesses that are leaving h-p. >>for people who are not familiar they had a lot of financial irregularities. this caused a big blowup with h-p and they will not take a big hit. >>deloitte and touche-sense something is fishy here wall street is starting to sense that it is more like h-p is trying to say that they did a bad deal so let's blame them instead of buzz. >>we're getting into the holiday shopping season and best buy is usually a big draw for people what are you thinking? >>i like to go window shopping at best buy but
9:17 am
when i arrive there there's usually no one there. >>this kinda like is a drug store. >>some areas are higher than others. what happens will people go buying or shopping for tvs? >>they can go online and they can get their stuff in two days. >>a $10 million loss and when you look at a store like apple they are the most profitable company in america. >>let's turn the tide to winners. >>a survey came out this stated that christmas season stresses the mall. there were asked whether an not to
9:18 am
do away with the holiday season and people off stated yes. >>if you want to make it all about christmas then go ahead. that average american family spends a lot of money on these holidays. most americans are saving not saving for retirement. >>i am a fruitcake died. i buy gifts for the top three invested. i cannot remember my last christmas present. i cannot remember one good present not to job. >>the last one that we have been a winner column is a back some leaving the l.a. gallic spiri. david beckham was
9:19 am
with them for six years and his 37 years old. when he came they were struggling and now there rock and roll in. they are up from five and his presence help them get a 10 year partnership with time warner and with nbc. this is done in to say that they are more popular than hockey in the united states. this is good for david beckham. he returned a struggling business around. he is one of the most well- known players. his departure is not the winner but the impact that he has made on the industry. >>do not forget you can join
9:20 am
rob live on kron 4 morning newels. >>and let's take a look at the weather has rain is pounding the area. this is from portland oregon and you can see that they're getting a good share of rain. one person has died in nearly 2 in. of rain has fallen. they are getting a lot rain and they are used to but this is a lot worse. >>it really depends on the amount and it may vary. this storm system will be eventually arrive here later this afternoon. we are seeing a little bit of moisture. we did see it
9:21 am
early ran around emeryville but it is scattered right now. we're looking at temperatures on the cool side. they are cloudy conditions and afternoon should be fairly mild. the rain arrives this afternoon and a cold front will push through. the rain can intensify and it will push north and head south. >>we do have some airport delays especially out of f s zero. this is due to the low visibility at this hour. the temperature right now 60 degrees in oakland at upper 50s for downtown san francisco. 59 degrees for redwood city. here is the cold front that we were talking about with the intense rain and flooding. a
9:22 am
lot of this has bulls into parts of eureka and just north of--this will bring more rain late this afternoon and a letter on tonight adorn the overnight hours. you can see the satellite's radar showed you that clouds will be moving men and head as that it will just be light showers. it will be more widespread this afternoon. here is your future forecast. the north bay will get the bulk of it and then the green shows the light rain and then the yellow will be in santa rosa. >>if you are heading out of town letter on tonight or early tomorrow you may encounter showers. by tomorrow afternoon we should be dry now. it will be 66 in mountain view, 67 impala
9:23 am
alto, 66 and san leandro, 67 for castro valley and for our neighborhood in the north it will be 63 and smr fail. downtown san francisco would be as 64 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. >>wednesday we will see more sunshine by the afternoon and thursday for thanksgiving will be lots of sunshine. no excuse to run off that turkey dinner because on friday and saturday there will be lots of sunshine. here is a look at your traffic with george. >>we are tracking a few hot spots. let's go first to the south bay 1 01 there was a
9:24 am
late accident here that is blocking a number of lanes. it is even affecting the southbound ride. the coyote valley is backed up as well. our other hot spots is clear now and is still behind schedule. this is for both northbound and southbound. if they were having leound embay both should be clear now. at the bay bridge west brown the back of finally starts to break up especially from -special and part of all the slow traffic that is being held up by the coliseum. your san mateo bridge drive has b doing pretty wl. for the golden gate bridge
9:25 am
is no longer sluggish. >> will take a break now and the time is a 9:24 a.m.. ♪
9:26 am
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9:29 am
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>>it is 9:30 a.m.. >>we are looking at the golden gate bridge and it looks like the deck is look trying to dry out. >ut. >>we are looking at light shower activity. you can see that most of the bay area is looking at grace guys. the ea ba lightgray skies. we are seeing more of a mist and much of the heavier rain will come out starting in the north. parts of portland, eugene had
9:32 am
downpours. the next system will be time out for you when we return. a lot of people are planning to get on the road and out of town. >> was star with our look at t northbound and southbound are trying to get to downtown oakland. there was this southbound accident and a stall. they have both cleared. the south bay still considerseems that have a probl. this is way before highway 80. there were still a few areas block on one 01 and you could not turn on to highway 85. you can go guadalupe parkway or
9:33 am
highway-- >>speaking of holiday travel let's take a look at this video that we shot earlier. there was a long line of travelers. >>this comes sparely is when everybody has a flight. you should arrive early. spend a little time getting there early and think about the parking and that it might be full. league and with extra time and there are expecting 3% more travelers the ledger. a lot of travelers may be an experience. >>thanksgiving travel and with two kids under 2. i am just hoping that the other passengers are patients. >>it is always challenging
9:34 am
to travel on the busiest day of the year. i have a three year-old and a one-half year-old and thankfully my husband is with me today. >>i always say that you have to pack and have the kids bring their own little roller bay. >>it is like this every thanksgiving and you do be warned that. a strike by workers who are striking at the oakland airport is not affecting passengers. this is a private strike due to their market conditions. >not only are they protesting here but they are
9:35 am
also protests in oakland international. according to the union they're not getting in the web travelers and that if you have to hit here you should not have any problems. this has been going on since 9:30 p.m. last night. this should not impact black friday but you will see that this is one of many interests is that the workers are in front of. the fact they are in front of this place is discouraging to truck drivers. you concede that there is a long line of trucks and they have been here since about three to 4:00 a.m.. they're independent drivers so if they do not go when they do not get paid. one truckdriver stated that he does not know what they're picking up but they know that they have to take it to stores. >>this could mean that it could be flat screen
9:36 am
television can and the beedis that they have to take to different stores for black friday. this is one scenario and another one can be fooled supply and this could also impact thanksgiving. this is on for 24 hours and the very least it just may be delayed on the. you would just have to wait and see if you need these items for that is given. the reason why they are striking is because they're fighting for a new contract for 16 months now. >>the 14 year-old boy who was accused of kidnapping a 65 year-old woman made his first court appearance. cameras were large to take photos and as you can see here is a photo of him. he is going to be tried as an adult because of the violent nature of the crime. his bail was set for have million dollars and he faces 10 counts of attempted murder, kidnapping and rape.
9:37 am
he could enter a plea next week. >>president obama is in cambodia today and this is his last stop on his nation's tour. he is there for the east asian conference. he held a meeting with the prime minister and he called on them to ensure human rights. they said is that this is the first meeting between them and the u.s. president. >>if congress fails to cut a deal with the fiscal cliff in january then they may collide with a another high stakes. as of late last week the country's debt was $154 billion below. the treasury department status the they should hit the legal bar or limit by the end of this year. they stated that they can the fog
9:38 am
this by use of extraordinary measures which may include suspending investments and workers' pensions. >>we have often gone rain and we will penpoint ran in your area and a few minutes. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
9:41 am
>> time reveals the upheld this city in america this-- bay cay live beyond this is in one of our healthiest cities. the health the is this san jose california. i
9:42 am
am here is city hall and i just drop the good news to the mirror. >>there is no excuse for not getting your exercise than. the center for disease control reports that women in san jose live three years longer than average city. they stated that they live to the aged 84. the primary reason is that 84 percent of them exercise regularly. was one of the high may is a thing called you jam. >>i lost a lot of calories and i lose about a thousand calories per class. we have a lot of unity and support for women. >>(cheers & applause).
9:43 am
>>the second live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge. the wait here-special would tell you more about the weather and traffic and a few minutes.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>it is 9:46 a.m.. >>we are starting with storm tracker 4. as you can see there are scattered showers may be a mist to start the morning. this is a picture of antioch and they have had 2 in. of rain per hour. there are more showers will arrive especially this afternoon. we are expecting the showers to ride along
9:47 am
with gusty winds. the rain will intensify and spread and go from the north to the south overnight into tomorrow. we are in the lower 50s for oakland and vallejo. the bottle is that 65 >>you can see that this cold front dropped a lot rain and portland and seattle. just south of here rica this system will basically dropped and more rain for us later on this afternoon. for our friends in the south bay that would hit first and then it will come here. will probably see more rain intensified overnight. here is a look at your future forecast. s 6:00 p.m. it
9:48 am
will be light rain for petaluma, napa and santa rosa. the front pushes through after midnight and we will sit enter the rest of the area. we will see most of it fall in the area. maybe tomorrow morning if you are leaving you may encounter rain. it will or the morning our. here is a lookit some of our eyes. jolo out some opleasanton will get in the upper 60s and for our neighborhood in the north bay 614 napa 63 in san rafael and downtown san francisco will get 64 degrees. there rain really
9:49 am
comes in late this afternoon and this evening. it it will dry out for wednesday afternoon and thursday for a thanksgiving it will be a nice day in the mid '60s. friday and saturday if you have shopping the weather will not stand in your way. it will be close to 70 degrees and sunday will be the upper-- >>101 in san jose had an accident in the 11 more from. it was affecting the southbound ride heading down to the coyote valley. it was not as bad as before but it is still slow. it was at earlier recovering problem for both north and south bond and it may traffic sluggish. this is a little
9:50 am
bit heavier than you otherwise expect. at the bridges we have seen some improvement. heading into the city will not take you but only 12 to 40 minutes. your commute to the san mateo bridge while slow in the 7:00 a.m. hour it is now slow. it is an easier ride and i do expect the open of the third lane in the northbound direction. traffic is light on the south side. >>bart is changing its schedule in preparation for the busy holiday weekend. today into tomorrow they will have $3 blue tickets. this is for you to get on
9:51 am
the air bart shuttle. tomorrow and sunday the trains will be running to in from f s zero. for thursday that is giving bart will run on sunday schedule with the beginning at 8:00 a.m.. >>the weight of the new bay bridge span has been transferred to the suspension that it will carry the load starting next year. the 32,500 deck was supported by a temporary deck but now it is been hailed by huge cables running from the tower. >>san francisco supervisors are set to a vote on a new ban. reposal would make exceptions for permitted street fairs and parades. it will be for young kids
9:52 am
because they're still ok to run around naked if they're under 5 years old. he felt compelled to do something after people complaining about naked man. >>there is concerned about the type of pipe that chevron views that caused a big fire at the refinery. preliminary findings stated that corrosion called a carbon steel pipe to rupture. chevron has asked the city of richmond for a permit that they want to use of the can replace the pipe with something better. a 9% alloyed pike. the safety board stated that they're not for sure if this is the best way to prevent future accidents. pg&e are offering an award for someone who is wanted for a walnut creek kidnapping. we
9:53 am
showed you this video before and this worker was kidnapped and the parking lot when she was walking to her car. they tied her up and blindfolded her and they drove her car around to atms and withdrew money. the woman was released later on that night. >>it is 9:52 a.m. and we will be right back. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment.
9:54 am
the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> life is sweet for taylor swift. her fourth album is set scheduled to come out. tad to this she sold out shows in minutes. the big news comes one day after her
9:57 am
ground to war. nicky is known for being bold and in your face. she told ryan see crests that she--she may come across as too tough and she stated that she will be nervous but she know people will love it. >>there are reports from chaos. the singer auriana took her ban on a 7 country tour. they stated that the pop star had little interaction with the guest as she invited. some of the passengers reported that they were hungry and fatigue. >>for hollywood minutes. >>that is a for today and was see you back here at 4:00 a.m. for tomorrow do not forget that e
9:58 am
do have the episode of a doctor at 3:00 p.m.. they will talk to you about how san jose is the number one city and all of america. will lead you to that with the clouds there's a place, a dark place, we go. an uncharacteristically negative place for such a positive company... place... we go... when we describe our yogurt.
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